1 AUGUST 2011


Fuji TV channel(http://www.youtube.com/user/fujitv) on You Tube is erupting with more than 10000 criticisms a day.


It started with Sousuke Takaoka, a Japanese actor, and his tweets condemning Fuji TV playing too much Korean content. He just said “Fuji TV should play what we Japanese people want to see.” Then he was promptly fired from his agency, Stardust Promotion.


After his dismissal, many people poured out support on his twitter page insisting he didn’t say anything wrong. This started a backlash.


Many Japanese who were not interested in watching Korean content in their living-rooms expressed their frustrations on Fuji TV’s YouTube pages, but the comments were almost immediately erased by Fuji TV.


To give further background on the subject and perhaps insight into why this spread of hanryu as it’s called in Japan, meaning the Korean wave, has produced this sudden “Korean Movement” or explosion of Korean Culture and Advertising, let’s looks at a few facts and examples. One such example that is taking place is the K-Pop Sensation, which has suddenly begun to segway into Samsung Appliances becoming “popular” in Japan, and there are other related stories, so let’s have a look behind the curtain, so to speak.


Fact 1: Many stockholders of Fuji TV are Korean and Korean residents.

Fact 2: The Korean government has hired an advertising company, Dentsu Inc., to promote Korea in a new Korean “movement” campaign.

Fact 3: Fuji TV has censored Japanese Nationalism.


Let’s start with Fact 3 and What Fuji TV has done. First, when Mao Asada won first place in a figure skating competition, Fuji TV blipped the scenes of the award ceremony and playing of the Japanese national anthem. Second, when the Japanese women’s soccer team won the 2011 World Cup, Fuji TV didn’t broadcast the award ceremony at all.


On to Fact 2. Fuji TV shows K-pop, Korean drama and Korean gossip shows all day long. Fuji TV has a spot where they rank the most popular food in Japan. The first prize is always something Korean like bulgogi Pizza, Hiyashi Kankoku, which normal Japanese most likely have never even had or seen.


And lastly Fact 1. There is no denying that Koreans own 20% or more of Fuji TV. Fuji TV has stopped sharing information on its stockholders in an effort to hide this fact.


If Korean culture such as food, K-pop and TV dramas were really organically popular in Japan, none of this would be much of a problem or even an issue, but all are fake reports or media trying to persuade the minds of the Japanese. And Sousuke Takaoka just pointed out those problems. Sousuke likened the proliferation of Korean content on Japanese TV as an act of “brainwashing.” It’s an invasion of free will, thought and expression.


Another problem is pachinko, the industry is 80% owned by Koreans, and they are a huge sponsor, but sponsoring TV programming that is Korean within the Japanese media.


Also, the Japanese main party is trying to make a new law, focused on Civil Liberties. It appears to be a great law on the surface, but it is actually a gag order law to prohibit free speech. Ultimately stripping the Japanese people of their civil rights, by allowing harassment and arrest for such things as expressing your opinion. The problem has gone beyond media and the K-Pop Sensation. It’s political as well, with the main party of Japan being caught paying money to North Korean groups that have been linked to the kid-napping of Japanese citizens. The victims of these crimes committed by this group, have been abducted and taken to North Korea. This includes PM Naoto Kan’s personal office making donations of nearly $625,000.


Worse still is this is not isolated to Japan, other countries have had battle with Korea. Most recently, Taiwan, which is currently passing a law to limit Korean influence in it’s in media due to the tactics and falsehoods spread in the messages of Korean advertisements.


So, why is it that Japanese people can’t watch their own culture’s TV shows? Why are they instead force fed Korean culture? Why do they have to watch something they are not interested in on TV?


What happens if Korea takes control of all media in Japan? Would Japan be taken over, too?

Japanese people have to get back in touch with their nationalism, their county’s spirit, and support Takaoka with courage.



Source : http://bionicbong.com/featured/japan-ruled-korea/





YouTube のフジテレビチャンネルには一日に1万人以上の批判的コメントが集まり炎上しています。


それは日本人の俳優・Sousuke Tkaoka の余りに行き過ぎたフジテレビの韓国コンテンツ多さを非難するツイートから始まりました。彼は「フジテレビは私達日本人が見たいものを放送すべきです」と云いました。しかしながら彼は即座に所属事務所を首になってしまいました。









事実2:韓国政府は「New Korean "Movement"」キャンペーンの為に「電通」を雇いました。





次に「事実2」に行きましょう。フジテレビは、K-POP、韓国ドラマ、韓国ゴシップショーをほぼ丸一日にわたって流しています。そしてフジテレビは日本で一番人気のある料理にスポットを当てて、その一位は必ずプルコギピザやHiyashi Kankoku としましたしが、普通の日本人は食べた事も見た事も無い様な代物です。




もし、韓国料理やK-POPや韓国ドラマの様な韓国文化が本当に人気があるので有れば問題にすらならなかったでしょうが、全てが「ニセレポート」か日本人の心を誘導しようとするメディア戦略であった事です。そしてSousuke Takaoka は正にその点を指摘した分けです。Sousuke は日本人を洗脳する行為として日本での韓国コンテンツの増殖を訴えました。それは意思や思考や表現の自由への侵略です。

















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